Hong Kong International Flute Association

About Us

Hong Kong International Flute Association (HKIFA) strives for providing a platform for exchanging ideas and information on the flute, its music and flute education between local and international flutists. The development of the flute scene in Hong Kong is very important to the HKIFA. We hope to connect it to the international flute world by inviting flutists and educators to Hong Kong for recitals and masterclasses.

The HKIFA believes that with the close bond and collaboration with the international flute world is very important. We are very pleased to share this point of view with our overseas consultants from Asia, North America and Europe. They provide professional insights and consultations for the activities and curriculum of the HKIFA.

The HKIFA also knows the importance of nurturing the next generation’s flutists. We provide professional and systematic flute curriculum and we believe that is the outmost important step for the fellow young flutists in Hong Kong. We use the curriculum from North America and Europe as our blueprint for designing the course plans for HKIFA. We believe fellow young flutists will learn better and enjoy the music.

Our Purpose

Music is a performing art. It requires solid fundamentals of playing, understanding of the instrument, knowledge of the music and training on the stage. These cannot be achieved by only practicing repertoire of the practical examinations in a practice room. Basic breathing exercises, articulations, vibrato, posture, performance practice of different period of music etc. affect our performance differently every time. From fundamentals to different etudes and repertoire every flutist has to learn need to be taught in a systematic way to ensure a promising progress. If young flutist only practice examination repertoire, it is boring and turns down one’s interest in learning and makes bad habits happening.

Besides from promoting correct and systematic way of teaching, we strive to foster well-rounded individuals who will be ready for any challenge in their lives. Music is one of the best medicines to our soul and one of the best ways to relieve our emotions. It can also train our discipline, concentration and endurance to help the fellow young flutists to face bigger challenges in the future.

Our model of teaching

The HKIFA offers both small group classes and individual lessons for students.

We embrace the difference of body structure and progress of every student. As a result, we recommend more communication between teachers and students to set their goals together. Regular practice is one of the most important keys to success. Teachers will also help setting individual practice schedules for students.

The HKIFA would also like to introduce music-learning culture from North America and Europe to Hong Kong. Besides solo experience, ensemble practice and regular group classes such as studio classes and collective lessons, where techniques and repertoire can be discussed together, enhance students’ musicianship.

We also emphasize the importance of the interaction between Hong Kong and Overseas by inviting international artists for recitals, masterclasses and summer camps to provide opportunities for flutists in Hong Kong to know more about the flute world outside.